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Kill Cam?

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  • Kill Cam?

    Has anyone played Cod4 online as seen a kill cam.

    If not, then its basically this:

    It shows you how you died from the killers point of view.

    To do this could you have it set to record demo and then when you died acess a certain point in the demo for the other player or just yourself in 3rd person and watch Yourself die?

    If yes, how?

  • #2
    I don't think this is possible in UScript.
    You would need to record around 15 seconds for each person. This is not the problem. But: how do you show the client the demo?
    I don't believe that it is possible to record a demo client-side from another player's view and play it back ingame. Server-Side: Well, how do you send the demo to the client and play it back?


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      I'm not even sure if players have a spawn rate timer, and who wants to see themselves getting killed for 15 seconds anyways?


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        I meant a different version for something like 3 - 5 seconds.
        Its definably not 15 seconds in cod4

        Can't you send other people the demos, i though you could.