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DefaultProperties and var config

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    DefaultProperties and var config

    A question about "var config" variables and DefaultProperties:

    I have a UTMutator subclass that is defined with "config(Game)". This means it probably stores its configuration in UTGame.ini. This class contains a "var config array<string>".

    If I place a few settings which should be used by default (i.e. if the server admin didn't manually specify them in the UTGame.ini) into the defaultproperties block, MakeCommandlet begins flailing:

    Warning, Import failed for 'FlagEnabledVehicleClasses': property is config (Check to see if the property is listed in the DefaultProperties. It should only be listed in the specific .ini/.int file)

    How can I still specify a default value for this array? The .int files tend to be used for localized text and I don't want to use an external .ini file, nor do I want to have to fill the UTGame.ini before being able to do anything.

    (The choice to use the UTGame.ini instead of a standalone config file relates to the dedicated server's current lack of support for custom-chosen config files. That way, all servers started on one machine must have a common set of FlagEnabledVehicleClasses. If the next dedicated server patch supports custom config directory paths, consider this problem moot.)

    Thanks in advance!

    The first patch will fix this issue.