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speak and teamspeak not working if RUS language enabled

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    speak and teamspeak not working if RUS language enabled

    Because im learning Russian i have enabled UT3 in Russian in Utengine.ini.
    What i noticed is that i can only enter text from the chatwindow,
    if i press 'T' to speak or 'Y' to teamspeak i does not enter any text.
    if i press ctrl-shift for windows to change to english input language it works again instantly for english text.

    i tried it both on my windows xp installation and on windows 7, no difference.
    can someone who is Russian or who knows more then me please help me?

    I have no idea what the cause can be, because i dont know about UT3 script or inner workings at all. (although im very curious and try to learn some).

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    did you do this



    Change whatever the language is called. For example DEU, RUS, POL, FRA


      thats exactly what i did, but what i notice is that if i change it to russian that i can not chat ingame.
      nevermind, its not really important actually, i think its just a bug.