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A question about maps

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    A question about maps

    I put a couple of maps in my server and I did all the right stuff but they still don't show up on my server list
    I ran the same maps that was on the server offline and they ran ok so what am I doing wrong
    I am still new to ut3

    "I put a couple of maps"
    Where did you put those maps?

    "I did all the right stuff"
    How do you know it would be the right stuff. Are you following a tutorial? Share a link then.

    "don't show up on my server list"
    What do you mean with server list? The voting list, the playable maps when changing a map (via WebAdmin)...?

    "was on the server offline"
    What were you doing with running that server offline but the maps were shown... and once you ran the mutator online, maps won't show up?

    "I am still new to ut3"
    A bit late but welcome


      I went to my member login and stopped the server while i put maps in

      I ran the ftp and put the maps in a custom map folder
      I went back to the member login and restarted the server
      I went to remote admin and made sure the maps were there
      they were and did not show up in vote menu

      another question is is there a way to make game profiles so I can put in other style of maps.
      There are some dom maps and an assault map that I would like to put, but do to no gameprofile for


        Do you have WebAdmin installed? If not, do it. It would help alot to configure your server. Basically, a gametype can have set their own specific maplist (which might be empty in your case).

        You would need to setup UTMaplists.ini manually if you don't have WebAdmin.