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UT3 ambiguous package error + MapMixer problems

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    UT3 ambiguous package error + MapMixer problems

    This is driving me crazy, I decided to reinstall UT3 again and seeing all the new **** I wanted to get a ton of mods.

    My first issue was the ambiguous package error finding duplicates - I solved this by moving my published folder from my games to my install dir, even though this makes no sense to me. Every mod i get, everywhere i look it says to put them in my games - but if i do i get this error and I have to hold enter to skip all the messages every time i load it up.

    My second issue is with MapMixer, and it's driving me crazy. MapMixer seems to be exactly what I want to replace the mediocre default menu - but no matter what I do, when I put all my mods in, if I am in a botmatch and try to go back to the main menu UT3 just CTDs. If i put them in the install dir, or if i put them in my games. I have a bunch of custom maps as well as the CBPs installed. The only way it hasn't CTD'd going back to the menu is when I had no mods.

    Right now my only option is to open the quick match menu from MapMixer during a match to change the map or mode, but if I want to change my character I'm basically ****ed. This is ******* me off to no end, as I greatly want all the custom bots and maplists and convience features of MapMixer with all these mods.

    EDIT: Also, I got the same results after activating and installing the steam version, I did this initially with the DVD version and was hoping using the steam version would make a difference, which it hasn't

    Too many bots or too many maps installed? Mapmixer could crash in that case.

    Ambiguous error are casued if you installed a mod with the same package name. If the same package is intalled in the install dir and in any published\CookedPC subfolder, it will print that message (same for Unpublished\CookedPC if you start the editor).