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UDK-based games glitch, crash on non-admin OS account

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    UDK-based games glitch, crash on non-admin OS account

    Games: Strike Vector, Hawken, Antichamber
    Specs: HP Pavilion 500, Windows 8 OS
    Other info: all games installed through Steam client

    Game initally starts up fine; title card shows up, and the game window fills the screen. I hear about 1/3 second of audio from the "Made with Unreal" video clip, but then the audio cuts out and the game window collapses; the screen remains black through this process. Trying to re-open the game window causes the problem to start over.

    This problem occurs only under specific conditions: a) running the game on a 'limited user' Windows OS account (runs fine on default admin account), b) the administrative OS account being password-protected, and c) running the game in fullscreen mode (windowed mode seems to run fine). I do all my computer activity on the limited account for security reasons. Granting administrative privileges through the desktop directory works around the problem, but only temporarily; the games do not seem to retain these privileges after closing down.

    I've never had this issue with any other game engine, and it seems to be what the games I listed all have in common. I can only assume it's a bug in the Unreal script. Does anyone know what's going on?

    play ut3 with us or i don't care.
    this is ut3 forum.
    come back when you tried ut3.


      LOL Harsh but true NickG ...

      @ merely1man,
      • stick with option "a)" sounds like it works, not sure what your asking beyond that
      • or try posting accurately in the correct forums. (i mean that in a nice way)

      • You will not get anywhere with the Unreal community unless you have a Log file.

      Unreal Engine games have log files in your folders, have a search or use a short-cut command with the argument "-log"
      - Every Unreal Engine based game ever created has a completely different list of issues and fixes, however Info is transferable.
      - do not purchase games from steam, then you will have NO issues

      shameless self promotion: https://unrealbyfusilade.wordpress.c...llation-guide/
      google the specific games you have issues with,
      provides alot of community support pages for hawken etc
      read the sticky pages:

      oh and play ut3 instead of all those you mentioned

      it sounds like you have security issues. or insecurity issues lol?
      Are you the owner of this PC,? if so, get an AV and be an admin run all as admin