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UT3 wont update in my ps3

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  • UT3 wont update in my ps3

    I bought a ps3 super slim with free unreal tournament 3 game. But i think it is not yet updated. The menu is still red and i saw the updated one which is color black. When i check for updates, its says it is up to date. I downloaded the titan pack but i couldnt see it in the menu. I BADLY wanted to play in SPLIT SCREEN. Can anybody help me? Is there any way i can update it? Thru FLashdrive? The UT3 is also from japan.

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    Btw, no split screen shows up in the menu. And it says im offline but im connected to psn


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      if your disc is not "BLES-00200" then you have no hope.

      - to be honest you have no hope anyway. sorry to be this guy but PS3 UT3 does not exist anymore, i offered £1000 for a kickstarter to save it and got 0.00 support.

      Epic have moved on as have 99.9% of people. the rest of us are just old and stubborn. enjoy your paper weight.... I have 3 of them


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        It happened the same problem. Goofy update it . Please help