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Mutator that runs fine normally breaks server

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    Mutator that runs fine normally breaks server

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any idea what might be up? I've downloaded a mutator for faster weapon switching and a couple of other things (it's about 5 mutators in one file, they all work offline though), but I can't get it working on a server, and it seems strange the way it's not working.

    If any of the mutators are enabled, the server simply doesn't show up in the server browser. Trying to directly connect to my own IP crashes the server. Before it shuts down, after it first freezes up (stops writing to log at that point), it outputs a few errors around the lines of 'filename not found', with correct links to the ut3.exe file, then freezes up for good

    I've set the server to LAN and dedicated, and it works perfectly without any of the mutators installed. I just don't understand how a working mutator can crash it all :P

    Link to the original thread here -
    Download here as the link is dead -

    Edit: BattleMOD also causes the exact same problem. Why does speeding up weapon switching have to be so hard?

    With the changes to the master server (which is used for the online server listing), some configuration might bug. Not sure if Shambler (the guy who worked on the master server) solved every possible upcoming issues with it. Some guys do use the MutatorLoader as a workaround.

    Keep in mind, not every mutator would work online the same as offline as creating a proper online mutator involves hard work and understanding of the basic replication (client-server-model) concept. Sometimes other stuff like not de-referencing objects on clients' side will cause the garbage collecter crash etc. It's not always easy ^^


      Disable seamless travel. It breaks custom stuff.


        Thanks, I'll try out the mutatorloader tomorrow, though this was just a LAN server so I dunno if it'll help. Also, the seamless travel thing, I'm simply launching the server from within UT, can I disable it without having to run it from the command line?

        Btw, the things like weapon switch speed, would that be sent through the master server first?


          The master server is only used for adversting which I implied as you said "doesn't show up in the server browser". Different to what was claimed by Rumple, seamless travel does not break custom stuff in general but some custom stuff needs to have it disabled as it might not react to seamless traveled actors (codewise). The option to disable seamless isn't available in the menu, you have to manually change a config entry.

          Open UTGame.ini and search for the variable bForceNoSeamlessTravel which you have to set to true:
          The ini file is generally located in your profile folder:
          %userprofile%\Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTGame.ini


            Ah ok, thanks for the reply, I've just done a bit more testing with the seamless travel disabled, and while it still removes it from the lan server browser, a couple of the mods no longer crash the entire thing.

            However, a few mutators won't work together online despite working correctly offline. I've managed to mix and match them until I've got everything working, it reminds me a little of skyrim haha.

            Anyways, I re-enabled seamless travel and it currently seems to still be working, it's possible to join by hitting f10 and typing 'open' (or my local ip for other people). With it being a lan server with no adverts, I wouldn't have thought it'd need the master server for anything, although I can live with the direct connect so it'll do for now

            This isn't really related, but would you happen to know a way to get the matches to automatically start even if there's only bots in the game?


              Should be:
              UTGame.ini (of the "[UTGame.UTGame]" section)
              Both values are globalconfig so you don't need to specify the value for each game.


                Hmm thanks, that's what it's set to already though haha, dunno why it wouldn't be starting the matches Ah well, UT4 is just round the corner so I'll live it with