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UT3 Domination final troubles! Please help

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    That's the side effect of cooked maps


      Originally posted by HKLM View Post
      I am the one who wrote the code for the UT3Dom mod and I thought I had fixed all the bugs in the mod, but now you have found one. I just tested the bot list and you are right, UT3Dom does not seem to use the bots you have selected. I am sorry but this is a issue that will never be fixed, for UT3Dom version 5 is the final and last version.
      Each new version is not compatible with prior versions, and its not easy to get map authors to recook their maps to a newer version.
      Hi HKLM

      That is a real bumber that the issue can't be fixed. Why is it so hard to recook maps to newer versions? I just hope that Domination is in the next UT. Does this mean that any new maps I download for existing gametypes like Deathmatch will have that bot issue as well?


        Originally posted by HKLM View Post
        UT3Dom version 5 is the latest version and installing a older version (less than 5) over version 5 will almost certainly cause the mod to crash.

        The correct order to install UT3Dom:
        1. Install version 5 (UT3Dom5_Setup or UT3Dom5_WinSetup)
        2. then install the update patch for version 5 (UT3Dom5_Patch)
        3. (Optional) Install/update any additional version 5 UT3Dom maps

        I dont remember if the CBP maps cooked with version 5 was ever publicly released...
        Yeah I did have UT3Dom v5 installed correctly but I removed it for CBP3 Volume 4 Version 3. It doesn't seem to be working properly either. I think I will just go back to UT3DOM v5 until the next UT comes out.