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UT3 downloaded customer character troubles!

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    UT3 downloaded customer character troubles!

    Hi Everyone,

    I am having trouble with the custom characters Motig Selig and Damarus. I downloaded the customer characters and installed them in the appropriate location. I tested those characters out as bots. It was okay in the first match but then I tried another match with bots in which I changed my character to malcom and Damarus, Motig and Selig wasn't in the match even though I added them as bots. Instead it added other customer characters which I didn't add for that match. I checked the launch log file as well and there are warnings and some errors with these custom character models as well. Unfortunately I can't attach the log or paste it contents cause there is just too much text. It goes on for a long time. Is there another way? The characters I downloaded are Malcom, Damarus, Motig and Selig, GOW character pack with the COG and locust characters, Kerrigan (SC2) Infrested, Warhammer space marine and chaos space marine pack and the skaarj character pack. Can someone give me some assistance and help with this?


    What I will do is upload and attach the log file in parts on this post and the next one. There is 8 txt files altogether. It is a combination of a couple of matches I played with custom character bots.
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      Here is the next two log files:
      Attached Files


        I don't tihnk they are properly installed as p2.txt states:
        Warning: Failed to load 'Sounds_Bayonetta': Can't find file for package 'Sounds_Bayonetta'
        Log: Failed to load 'Sounds_Bayonetta': Can't find file for package 'Sounds_Bayonetta'
        Warning: Failed to load 'Class UTFamilyInfo_COG_Kim.UTFamilyInfo_COG_Kim': Failed to find object 'Class UTFamilyInfo_COG_Kim.UTFamilyInfo_COG_Kim'
        I didn't check any further but at least these 2 packages are missing.
        • Sounds_Bayonetta.upk
        • UTFamilyInfo_COG_Kim.u


          Oh ****! Those files are missing and weren't downloaded with the rest. .

          I don't know if this is the right area to ask this but is there a place I can download the characters again without any files missing? I already tried the full releases area on this forum.

          Should I worry about warnings like this:

          USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : No PhysicsAsset defined for UTFrontEnd.TheWorld:PersistentLevel.UTCustomChar_P review_2.SkeletalMeshComponent_22 with skeletalmesh CH_IronGuard_Male.Mesh.SK_CH_IronGuard_MaleA

          I also got this error I am not sure if I should worry about just about for every custom character:

          Error: Character creation package 'CH_Malcolm' doesn't have ServerSideOnly flag set. Set this using the 'SetPackageFlags' commandlet.

          And what's this about:

          Log: Part Texture: 'CH_Kerrigan.Materials.Kerrigan_MHead01_N01_V01_SK 1' (MIC: 'CH_Kerrigan.Materials.MI_CH_Kerrigan_MHead01_V01' ) in incorrect TEXTUREGROUP (0)
          I got this for a lot of custom character parts.


            Looks like these files are missing from the release. Don't know where to get them.

            The other warnings are quite irrelevant and can be ignored.


              I also downloaded the ut3dom final gamemode mod. I got some errors while playing maps on this gametype and using bots:

              ScriptLog: UTUIDataProvider_Mutator::SupportsCurrentGameMode( ) - Unable to find game class: UTDom.DoubleDom.

              The error above is strange cause I could play the gametype from the game and find it too.

              And this might be what is causing the problem with the bot rosters I was having:

              ScriptWarning: UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection Transient.BotSelection_3 (Function UTGame.UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection:SetupButtonBar:00 B9) Accessed None 'EnabledList'
              ScriptWarning: UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection Transient.BotSelection_3 (Function UTGame.UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection:UpdateDescription Label:000C) Accessed None 'LastFocused'
              ScriptWarning: UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection Transient.BotSelection_3 (Function UTGame.UTUIFrontEnd_BotSelection:UpdateDescription Label:000C) Accessed None 'LastFocused'


                The main problem with all of this though is Damarus Motig and Selig. They did not appear in the character customisation menu. These characters were weird though cause it said for both of them to copy and paste lines of code that was in the readme's into the UTCustomchar.ini in config folder rather than the packages having their own ini files in the custom characters folder. Also they mentioned if any part or character of "TWIM" FamilyID uses "Y" letter replace it with any G-Z, which is not used for Damarus. It didn't say that for Motig and Selig and they didn't work either.


                  Just tested the custom characters again in two matches. One in team deathmatch and another in UT double domination. The problem isn't with the characters at all. Motig and Selig showed up in the TDM round when I selected them in the bot register. The problem is with the UT3 Domination gametype maps. The game doesn't reset the bots for any domination match you play it if you play more than one domination match in a row. I am going to start another thread since it has nothing to do with custom characters.


                    Hey UTCollector, you've got a Bayonetta model!? Can you send me a link to it, I've only got a few characters for UT3 (but LOADS on 99-2k4 lol), and only about 2 of them work in-game (even after the "nohomedir" fix, maybe I did it wrong...).

                    Anyway I'm having similar problems right now. Only a couple of the 10 or so characters I downloaded show up in the bot the selection or player customisation menu (only 1 on player cust. and its always stuck in a T-pose when in 3rd person).