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Some maps don't work

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    Some maps don't work


    I recently bought a new computer with windows 7 64 bit. On my old computer I had Vista 32bit.

    Most of the old maps don't work with my new computer. Also Renegade-X doesn't works at all, but it did on my old computer with Vista.

    Here are some of the maps

    I hope this forum auto re size the pictures, because they are quit big.

    This map

    Hanging gardens isn't working, so is industria.

    BlackScull and Capella aren't working too

    HiddenFaiths works but DevilsHouse doesn't works.

    Some of them worked on my older computer.

    I have a 3.6 ghz cpu and a hd radeon 6950. And I have 8 GB RAM.

    My old computer had a intel cpu and a nVidia gpu.

    lot of us are running thoses maps on w7 x64...imo ur problem is more related to some missing packages than to the os change

    verify that u have installed last patch and titan pack + specific packages related to the custom maps (if they exist of course )


      The titan pack was missing, totally forgot about that. Now they work.