I installed a number of custom skins/bots for UT3 which all work fine. Problem: I'm playing Greed with 32 bots, UT3 will only load 7 different faction skins at one time. I currently have bots from Necris, Ronin, Liandri, Skeleton Horde (Runestorm), Xeno, Terminator_old, Hyora, Cathode & Divisor, Mr Crow & Harlequin, Terra Nova and a few others. From the above list only seven faction skins will load and the rest will have the default bot skin. EG. Necris, Ronin, Liandri, Skeleton Horde, Xeno, Terminator_old, Hyora will all have their skins loaded but the rest will have their default skin. Is there anyway to fix this ?

PS: yes, im still playing this game cos I think its awesome.