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how to Import Soft Bodies! [need code???]

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  • how to Import Soft Bodies! [need code???]

    PhysX specfic
    * Purpose: Creating SoftBodies
    * skeletal mesh > Soft Body collision; > export = xml file

    ^^ uploaded for educational purposes only

    - having difficulty exporting SoftBodies made with PhysX SDK 2.8.1

    - Softbodies are created wit at least 1 bone, thus they can be exported as skeletal mesh [in this case: collada -dae]
    - i followed all available documentation and then realized there is a nasty chunk of code [understatement/ the code is huge] needed - at least i think there is.

    - problem
    * nothing happens when i click export. [NX..Stream]
    - i don't understand the source code or how to run PhysX scripts listed in the documentation.[source available]
    - the debugger will not even recognize the provided source code
    - so this is a tough one.

    ** i found this ** - but don't know how to run the script
    #ifndef PHYSX2OBJ_H
    #define PHYSX2OBJ_H
    // This code snippet will take the contents of a PhysX SDK scene and save them either
    // as a single large Wavefront OBJ file in world space or as a series of wavefront OBJ
    // files in Object space with a response file containing the instantiation data for
    // individual data assets.
    // Works with the PhysX SDK 2.8.1 and PhysX 2.8.3
    // Written by John W. Ratcliff on January 25, 2010
    // This is useful for getting a 'game level' exported for testing in other applications.
    // Note, that this does not handle primitive data types like boxes, spheres, and capsules.
    // It only exports triangle meshes and convex hulls.
    class NxScene;
    // scene : The PhysX SDK scene to export to the Wavefront OBj file(s)
    // fname : The base file name to save the scene as (does not include the extension of .obj) that will be appended.
    // worldSpace : Whether to save the as a single large wavefront OBJ in wordspace or as a series of wavefront OBJ files.
    int exportPhysX2Obj(NxScene *scene,const char *fname,bool worldSpace);
    ** i have many files that have 'exported' but UT3 responds in a few ways
    1. output as Nxu Stream fails to recognize the data;
    2. ut3 imports fail as skeletal and only work as mesh.
    3. physX outputs an XML file?

    examples of output files i have managed to make ...include:
    dae, ase, xml
    * once these ^^ files are imported into 3ds max - they definitely recognize some form of physics; that the mesh has been changed;
    - but upon exporting again from 3dsmax they revert back to there original [non-physX] form.

    confused? - yeh me to.
    - Basically its possible to make a SoftBody [barrel for example].
    - however it needs both "dynamics" and "copy surface"
    - unfortunately each one works in opposition to the other; and as a result whichever 1 you press; the other gets reset to null.
    rigid body example/ With "copy surface"

    Soft Body example/ With "dynamics"

    ^ i need both of these to occur simultaneously; not the effects/ just the soft body reaction and the wood/ surface

    - its a long shot asking for help here - i know, but hopefully someone has some form of input- even a wild guess!!

    * i cannot contact physX support [sadly the physX community is closed to "gamers"]
    - and unfortunately access + license to the newest SDK [for UDK] doesnt help me either.
    [i know coz i have it ]

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    it is also stated that PS3 has had physX 2.8.1 support for UT3 since it was created;
    - i have however been unable to get PhysX to work on PS3 - even with custom code and NX support compiled.

    - The cooking Process:
    * this is where i get lost visual studio and code etc


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      I think you'll get an answer to your question faster if you'll post it here: