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video ghosting?

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    video ghosting?

    OK I am new to unreal editor and I was follwing tuts on 3d Buzz, but recently there has beeen an odd ghosting even when I just add cube a light, build and play. Wierd effect like ghoasting happens. This is a first after like a week of going through the editor. This is what it looks like And it gets worse from there. I am not trying to do anything out of the ordinary as you can see. I even tried updating video card drivers. No luck. Help?
    Win 7 SP1 64bit/ 8 GBRam /Geforce GTS250/ AMD Phenom X4 955 3.2 GHz
    Edit: Happens in additive mode, not subtracive


    No need to mess with drivers in this case. You should read this too:

    look here

    In additive level a space with no objects around is rendered that way, so you should put skydome or skysphere in your level so that engine renders it instead of HoM. Default Skydomes can be found in UN_Sky.upk package. Just scale them enough to look properly.