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Unreal Tournament 3 Error Code 80

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    Unreal Tournament 3 Error Code 80

    Hello to everyone

    I received my copy of "Mastering Unreal Technology Volume 1" few days ago and I managed to get my copy of Unreal Tournament 3 on steam with the promotional code in it.

    I managed to play for few day and analyse much of the map's architecture (to understand the game world) and the day after, I started to suffer crash when I load map or join some server.

    But today, I can't even start the game at all saying that "Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition is unable to start (error code 80)". I tried both the game and the editor.

    I didn't find any post talking about this error code... Anyone heard of this error?

    I HIGHLY beleive that my problems are due to my 64 Bit Windows. I know that the UDK has a support for such system, but I read that some people have problem with 64 bit system.

    There are my computer specs:

    Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHZ
    4 GB of RAM
    ATI Radeon HD5770
    Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    I am eager to resolve my problem so I can release map and mod for you all. I got to put stuff in my resume for my Level Design College Program in two years!

    Quick Update: Error 80 is when you are not connected to steam... Looks like Steam was running but wasn't recognize (What the hell?)

    But I still crash on map load and joining game. 64-bit related? Who knows since I never found a fix to this problem.