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NOT a port forward issue

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    NOT a port forward issue

    Hello everyone.

    After several months trying to connect to populated servers in UT3, forwarding many ports I've been told to, and lots of other stuff, I decided to try out the most risky but useful method in my router called "DMZ" (demilitarized zone) which leaves one computer outside of the firewall allowing all connections (also unwanted ones of course).

    This didn't help at all. Though I can connect online with All of my other games, host, spectate, etc. without forwarding anything. (Actually I was able to connect to certain PIRATE UT3 servers, I have the original game; this should not be happening. By the way, those servers were horrible, unplayable pings, rushed custom maps, and non-english speaking players)
    Which leads me to think that this "bug" is an internal issue within the game itself (Probably the paranoid CD-key checking system). Which has been neglected to be fixed (threads about the issue being closed, etc). Leaving the consumers paying for a broken game.

    I'm sure the devs don't care about this game or about the people who ever liked the Unreal franchise, and after 3 years the bugs will still be there, DX10 won't, and the servers crammed only with bots.

    Thanks, EPIC