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No audio to Fraps movie recording (Win7 & SB X-Fi Fatality)

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    No audio to Fraps movie recording (Win7 & SB X-Fi Fatality)


    This question is pretty near does is belong here or not. But I have e-mailed my problem to Fraps support, too.

    Gaming is important and when you have good gang or play with clan, one thing is to making game or tutorial videos. And now we are talking, very often, about Fraps.

    Fraps v3.2.2 (current newest one) have support for DirectX 10 and Win7 of course support DX10. UT3 is **** beauty with DX10 and with Color Correctiong mutator.

    But with or from Win7 64-bit edition I cannot record audio at all.

    There on UT3 settings are on Audio tab enable or disable "Hardware OpenAL". Didn't succeed with Fraps. On Fraps and on Movies tab is value for "Record Win7 sounds" and either stereo or multichannel. Tryed both stereo and multichannel, becouse I use 5.1 sounds with UT3 and it support it. And in same Fraps page is value "Don't sync audio and video". No help. From Creative Console I tryed different audio modes (it have Game mode, too) and 2.1 and 5.1 modes.

    What different on my system is than default, is that I have installed Shark codec for watching Matroska (.mkv) movies. I have tryed different fps for recording and both half or full size. I have tryed with lower resolution like 1024 x 768. No help.

    Driver versions:

    - nVidia GTX 275: 197.45
    - DirectX 9.0c: (feb10 2010)
    - Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatality: 2.18.0013 (Jun26 2010)

    With WinXP (32-bit) I didn't have audio problems with Fraps. But recoreding movies from Win7 and UT2004 had similar problems. The original 32-bit .exe made silence, but with unofficial 64-bit .exe I could record audio, too. Does this UT3 .exe have now similar problems. It is 32-bit and therefore I and billion of other Win7 users have problems? Btw. is there coming 64-bit .exe or not? It would allow larger maps: for gaming and of course for UT3 Editor.