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    Unknown Saving Error

    I'm not much for joining forums, but this issue has been plaguing me for a good year now, and I need to get some advice from folks who actually know a thing or two about the Unreal Editor. I have to apologize in advance - there's a long story below.

    To begin with: the issue itself. I cannot save the files I create in UE3. This includes standard saves and autosaves, as well as the autosaves that occur when booting up the In-Editor Game. On any one of these occassions, the editor crashes without processing the save. Lately, I've been noticing that the editor also seems to be crashing during some other actions (though I haven't narrowed these down yet). The implications here are fairly obvious...I can't create any new levels or modify those that exist. For someone trying to build up a design portfolio, this doesn't bode well.

    Now for the history. This issue first arose last April when I was part of a team building a mod for our senior project in game design. This was before UDK was available for free download, so we had been screwing around with some of the UT3 settings to allow the game to do what we needed. I was never sure if this was what ultimately caused the problem, but I wouldn't doubt it. Back then, it wasn't an issue because the glitch seems to be limited to my computer and I had access to other, more powerful machines. I finished with the project on the college computers, graduated, and moved away, thus leaving me stuck with my own machine once again. Sorry for the life story, but I'm just trying to cover everything I've done surrounding this.

    I didn't pick up Unreal again until July, when I started bulding a new level. For a while, the issue seemed to have corrected itself, but after a few weeks, it popped up again. Based on the timeframe, I had two initial conclusions as to the cause. Around the time each incidence occurred, two things happened - I began using prefabs in my levels and I had re-established the connection between my computer and my MP3 player. (This issue deals with the fact that, at times, my player is not recognized by my system). Make what you will of either of these issues - I haven't found a good solution to either one.

    Since that time, I've been upgrading my severely underpowered computer in an attempt to fix the issue. I doubled my RAM size, which didn't solve the problem, and then I purchased a new video card, which also failed. My most recent step was to completely wipe any trace of Unreal from my computer and do a fresh reinstall. (I did, however, hold onto my old levels in independent locations.) This still failed to resolve the issue, although upon booting the Editor back up and attempting to save a level (in the standard CustomMaps folder, mind you) the editor prompted me with a warning reading "No Disc - Disc not found. Please insert a disc into Drive D:/". All I can gather from this is that, for whatever reason, the Editor was attempting to write something to a CD. Upon attempting to cancel the save, the editor crashed again. (I tried to do this again and actually write the files to the disc, but this step was omitted the next time through and the Editor simply crashed as always.)

    This brings us to the end of my tale. I'm not sure if there's anything anyone can recommend regarding how to fix this issue, but I'm open to just about anything at this point. I assume something is corrupted somewhere in there, but I'm out of ideas.