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White Screen of Death?

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    That is really strange. Try using Glary Utility and Defrag your hdd (it fix some errors). Clear your registry and update your driver. It seems Unreal does not like your computer.

    Oh! Also Uninstall all your unreal games and delete all folders that goes with it. Then after you do the above instructions, reinstall, and get all the patches.

    If this does not work. It ether that you have a windows 7 home edition (it not compatible with 32-bit apps.) or you just have a bad computer.

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  • started a topic White Screen of Death?

    White Screen of Death?

    My UT3 loads into a white screen (like my whole monitor screen has this slightly changing whiteness...its almost blinding) where audio works but I cannot 'see' anything.

    I am using windows 7 with 9800 gtx gfx card with all latest drivers (197.13 for nvidia card, directx11).

    I have played other modern games (such as modernwarfare, or battlefield bad company) and they work fine. What is even stranger is ut2004 also loads into the blinding white screen.

    I have tried reinstalling. I am completely lost in what I should do.

    thank you for any thoughts.