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Surround 5.1 issue - PC

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    Surround 5.1 issue - PC

    Hello everybody, I recently got a 5.1 surround set for my PC, it works flawlessly in all videogames and movies, however in Unreal Tournament 3 I can't make it work properly.

    The issue is, the game outputs in Stereo even when my configuration is 5.1 speakers.

    I made a workaround for that, checking an option in my driver's configuration called "Speaker Fill" which makes a "fake" surround sound output from a Stereo output.
    However, it is not what I want, since it gives no technical advantage whatsoever, as I can't hear what's going on "behind me".

    I got my drivers from the official Realtek website. They are;

    "Realtek High Definition Audio - - 28/07/2009"

    Any input is appreciated.

    in your UT3 audio settings try checking off: hardware openal

    see if that helps


      Thanks for the advice but, I unchecked it and it was still in Stereo, I checked it again and still stereo.

      Maybe the game was not really designed for 5.1 sound?

      Well I guess I'll keep playing in Stereo mode for now...

      A shame really, since in ALL source games you can easily change the output mode (headphones, Stereo, quadrophonic, 5.1) in the menu with a simple click!.

      Maybe they will release a patch?, That's less likely to happen but I'll keep dreaming.

      Thanks again.


        It sometimes happens to me. I have an Audigy 2. I've found out a way to prevent this: opening the THX setup console from the tray before launching the game. It works.