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Custom faction trouble - please help!

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    Custom faction trouble - please help!

    Hello there!

    I'm a student studying computer games desgn at staffordshire university. One of my modules is to create a custom character for UT3. Good news is i've created the character and i've even managed to get him in engine. Bad news is that i've tried to create my own custom faction and my character does not work properly anymore. The faction does work in the game and my character does appear in the customize character screen. I've even been able to make some first person arms working in game. The problem is when I switch to a third person camera it's not my character but one of Epic's characters. I think it's a problem with my scripting but I can't seem to find any faults with it. Can anyone help?

    I've included the code from my custom character ini as well as my my uc file.

    Custom Character ini

    +Parts=(Part=PART_Head,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Killb ot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Head01",PartID="A",F amilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Torso,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kill bot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Torso01",PartID="A" ,FamilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Killb ot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Arms01",PartID="A",F amilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Arms,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Killb ot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Arms02",PartID="B",F amilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Thighs,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lbot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Legs01",PartID="A" ,FamilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Thighs,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lbot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Legs02",PartID="B" ,FamilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_ShoPad,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lBot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_XShoPad01",PartID= "A",FamilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_ShoPad,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lBot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_XShoPad02",PartID= "B",FamilyID="TOM")
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Helmet,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lbot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Helmet01",PartID=" A",FamilyID="TOM",bNoGoggles=true,bNoFacemask=true )
    +Parts=(Part=PART_Helmet,ObjectName="CH_Custom_Kil lbot.KillBot_Mesh.SK_CH_KillBot_Helmet02",PartID=" B",FamilyID="TOM",bNoGoggles=true,bNoFacemask=true )

    +Characters=(CharName="KillBot",Description="KillB ot is a machine pushed over the edge by its human masters. Now it hunts down anything with a heartbeat.",CharID="TOM1",Faction="killBots",Previ ewImageMarkup="<Images:UI_Portrait.Character.UI_Po rtrait_Character_TwinSouls_Male_Head03>",CharData= (FamilyID="TOM",HeadID="A",TorsoID="A",ShoPadID="A ",bHasLeftShoPad=true,bHasRightShoPad=true,ArmsID= "A",ThighsID="A"),AIData=(Accuracy=0.7,StrafingAbi lity=0.6,CombatStyle=0.7,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UT Weap_RocketLauncher"))


    +Factions=(Faction="KillBots",FriendlyName="<Strin gs:UTGameUI.FactionData.KillBots_FriendlyName>",De scription="We got robots and ****",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:UI_Portrait.Fact ion.UI_CH_Necris_Team>")

    UC file info

    class UTFamilyInfo_KillBots extends UTFamilyInfo_Krall

    ArmMeshName="CH_Custom_Killbot.KillBot_FPS_Arms.FP S_Arms"
    RedArmSkinName="CH_Custom_Killbot.KillBot_FPS_Arms .FPS_Arms_MIC"
    BlueArmSkinName="CH_Custom_Killbot.KillBot_FPS_Arm s.FPS_Arms_MIC"
    PhysAsset=PhysicsAsset'CH_AnimKrall.Mesh.SK_CH_Ani mKrall_Male01_Physics'
    AnimSets(0)=AnimSet'CH_AnimKrall.Anims.K_AnimKrall _Base'
    BaseMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_All.Mate rials.MI_CH_All_Krall_Base'
    BioDeathMICParent=MaterialInstanceConstant'CH_All. Materials.MI_CH_ALL_IronG_BioDeath'
    MasterSkeleton=SkeletalMesh'CH_All.Mesh.SK_Master_ Skeleton_Krall'

    U file

    class UTFamilyInfo_KillBots extends UTFamilyInfo_Krall

    What was the skeleton u used to rig your model with (in 3dmax)? Most people use the human skel that epic provides. All tutorials are based on the human one that I've viewed.

    I mention this because the code above is referencing the Krall rigging skeleton. You can't mix and match rigging skeletons. Put you character in one on the standard family groups. And see if that works, then copy the scripts to your code.


      My character is rigged for the Krall skeleton, i thought that could give me a more menacing shape for my character. I also already tried putting it in the standard Krall family and it worked fine. Thanks for the advice though euchreplayer23.


        Hey my explanation above may not have been clear enough so i've managed to cook my character and he's available for download. Check him out here:


          I will try my best to help you out. The character does work when in the Krall Faction. But not when its in our family. Very wierd.

          I hope you can get a more experienced trouble shooter to help u out.