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The game don't save the configuration or camping progres

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    The game don't save the configuration or camping progres

    Hello to all. I explain my problem:

    I bought the UT3 Collector Edition in 2008, and I had that problem. Allways when I left the game, when I start it again, all my camping progres, and my control configuration, or the character custom, was dissappeared. (I think that only the video configuration still). I always play offline (without perfil). I searched here solutions, like adding " -nohomedir", but it never works with me.

    The only thing that I could do, was play allways with the internet conexion on when I start the game (nevertheless, I always play in the offline mode) . Then (I don't know why), the game worked good (saving all); but it wasn't a solution, because if anytime I started the game without the conexion (because I forgot connect it, for expample), all that things were dissappear again... I only used that "provisional solution" for complete the camping.

    Well, now, few days ago, I reinstalled the game, and installed first the Titan Expansion, and then the 2.1 patch ("Patch5"). I thought that now, since 2008, the "bug" will be fixed; but I can see that isn't. =(

    I still having the same problem. In addition, now I don't have any internet conexion in the house that I have the PC with the UT3; so... ┬┐what can I do?. ┬┐There is any solution for this?, is really annoying can not play the camping, or have allways to put again the control custome, and more...

    Thanks to all, and sorry if I do mistakes typing, It's difficult to me explain in english.

    PD: I have Windows XP

    I can't save my input settings and character custom too...only graphic settings..
    Can Somebody help us?

    Win7 64-bit.


      online connection and the ability to log onto the master server (whether you choose to play online or not) seems to be needed to save all that stuff. i wish i was of more help. anyone else care to put in their two bits?


        Oh yeah,i've created a profile and everything works,thanks!


          That sloved my "saving configuration and game progress" problem too (creating a profile).