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[PS3] incorrect ping readings on official epic servers?

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    [PS3] incorrect ping readings on official epic servers?

    I play in the UK, mostly deathmatch, with an average ping of 150.

    today, all day, the game has been glitching, but only on the epic servers.

    I've had people killing me when there was no one

    serious lag effects, ie firing rockets whilst running forwards, only to be killed by them. most weapons are useless as they had at least a 1/2-1 second delay from pressing the fire button.

    lifts on all levels sticking or simply glitching up and down when you tread on them.

    the ping on the server I just played on (official epic US server 04) was 117 and was completely unplayable...

    I jumped on to the CH2 server that had a ping of 242 and there was a noticeable difference, there was lag but nothing like the epic servers.

    anyone else having this?