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Have to enter CD key after each time I shut computer down

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    Have to enter CD key after each time I shut computer down

    This has been going on a while now.

    I was messing around with my Ut3 server one day months ago and I ended up copying files from my server to my GAME directories instead of my SERVER back-up directories.

    Then I restarted my game and all my keybinds were gone and audio and visual settings as well as character, etc. I spent a day fixing it all by choosing and re-entering it all in again.

    However one thing I can not fix is that when I restart my pc, and I run the game for the first time since the restart, I have to enter my CD key. Then after that I have to enter my account password.

    I then play away. If I close the game and put my pc into sleep mode, I can restart the pc (from sleep) and restart the game no issues. I dont have to do anything.

    However once I shut my pc down completely and restart the operating system, I have to re-enter the CD and password again. My user name is there, just the CD key and password.

    So of course there is a file that was overwritten from the server files that is messing up the process.

    I dont want to reinstall as it takes forever to re do my keybinds, audio and visual settings, etc.

    I just want to know which file is the user's CD key and password stored in when you start up the game so I can get that 1 file re-installed and not everything!



    I hear you, man!
    I have to re-enter my CD-key too, whenever I cut the pc off the power completely. Turning it off alone wont force me to re-enter, but pulling the plug for example will. Dunno whats wrong with this.

    I am sorry I cant be of more help, but I just wanted to point out that this is just no normal behavior.


      Try to make the file UTEngine.ini "Read Only", hope that helps.