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How can I change the game language?

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    How can I change the game language?

    The story:

    I bought UT3 in Germany. I know that the game supports a couple of languages. Ironicly the one I bought supported only german.

    My question: How can I change the game language ?

    Is there a patch, can I somehow just add/replace some files (if so can you give me a link)

    Or perhaps can I download the game from the official site (like Blizzard did, you enter your CD-key and you can download the game in an archive patched to the latest version)

    Anyway pleace help me, I can't fully enjoy the game, because I have only the most baisic german what so ever and the game grafics look really old (I have played UT3 in an internet caffee and there is a big difference)

    anyway, thanks in advance.

    (note: please forgive my english, it is not my native language)