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    pc ut3 fix list

    1. auto gamepad on 50-default setting -plz auto off!!!!
    2. ****, server rag/ auto kicking player/ sometime scorebar player name is missing
    3. why not change config in the game?
    ex) fov-120-> ingame still 100?
    4. downloading coustom map where!? dont see maplist!

    etc: my english is so bad x] .... another asia ut3 player

    It seems you created a bug and wish list, not a fix list

    No help, but mouse and keyboard should be better either way...

    Maybe the server is too far away from you.
    Result: High ping -> lag -> auto-kick.
    You can check your ping in game by pressing F6.
    Everything above 200 is not ok in my opinion, search for another server.

    Missing names on the scoreboard is a bug, you cannot do anything.
    If you want to be sure, press Esc and check the scores there to see all names.

    What configs do you want to set in game?
    The maximum FOV is 100, so changing it elsewhere to 120 will not help.

    You must paste all your custom maps in to this directory:
    "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps"
    (ini, txt, ut3 and upk-files - all in this directory.)
    Then you will see the maps in your map list in game.

    If you don't know where to download maps, then look here: