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In game browser issue

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    In game browser issue

    Hi all,

    For quite some time now I have been unable to conect to any servers via the server browser in the game. I log on to my game and sellect the search key to find the servers but to no avail.

    I have to go to my history to conect to a server that I have been on however the servers show as though they are not on I, E, 9999 in the pings collumn.

    I can connect to a server by using the IP address however I have to find out the IP address to do this.

    So if anyone has had the same issue and corrected it, I would like to know how you did it.

    Hi Recce mate,
    As u kno from our conversations on xfire i never had that issue myself and i could also not help.

    Now i helped installing the game for a friend and we are having the same issue now.

    the server browser remains empty. also manual connect does not work.

    we are behind a router here and we tried different settings a lot from manual port forwarding (7777 and 6500) to setting up a DMZ. Nothing helped.
    I wonder if anyone else has had this issue and can tell how he solved it.

    It is so annoying!