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Mouse not aiming In-Game

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    Mouse not aiming In-Game

    hi people...

    I just installed ut3 from a dvd, then I started the campaign and the mouse doesn't respond. Only switching weapons with the mousewheel, and firing.

    Reading this forum I saw something about updating, and then setting the sens to 9999, I did all that, but it doesn't move a bit. I had to aim with the keyboard lmao.

    the joystick thing is also unchecked, i don't even have one. i deleted the imput.ini or whatever, but is just the same thing

    my pc is:

    amd athlon 64 x2 2100 mhz
    ati radeon x1650 pro
    3gb ram
    the mouse is an almost generic "Acteck AM-RX5" PS-2 laser mouse that doesn't need drivers

    thanks a lot

    By the way....

    I have Windows XP SP3 and all stuff


      wouldnt set the sens to 9999 that would be way too quick, try 1000 or lower
      try checking the joystick and see if that sorts it, think you also need to set up the mouse for movement in its tab in ut settings