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FIXED: "Invalid Query Result"

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    FIXED: "Invalid Query Result"

    Googling the term: UT3 "Invalid Query Result" returns a whopping 9 results (as of 11/14/2009). Either no one has experienced this error message when adding an IP:PORT favorite in their UT3 client, or no one has bothered to document it -- I'm going with the former. I'm posting the problem and the simple solution so that future searches on *this* forum will at least give others a starting point.

    I have my own dedicated server for which I have administrator desktop access. Recently, something broke. I was not only unable to connect to the server with my UT3 client, but the server never showed up in the server list, and an already existing favorite (before the server moved) showed the ping at 9999.

    Removing the favorite from my client and attempting to re-add it produced the error message "Invalid Query Result" (which, given what actually fixed the problem, is about as meaningful as "General Protection Fault").

    What fixed it was a firewall setting on the dedicated Windows 2003 server it was running from. I don't use a hardware firewall and instead choose to use the Windows firewall to provide proper access (long story). It appears ICMP ping is all that's needed to clear this up.

    1. Start --> Run --> firewall.cpl
    2. Advanced tab
    3. ICMP Settings
    4. Enable "Allow incoming echo requests"

    Server shows up in the server list now, can add IP:PORT favorite in my UT3 client, and ping is accurate. Since none of my other firewall exceptions were changed, I would appear that I mistakenly disabled this setting shortly after the server moved.

    If you've run into this problem and this post helped you, consider registering an account and responding here to let me know.