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UT3 (Steam Edition) Graphics issue...

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    UT3 (Steam Edition) Graphics issue...

    I downloaded and installed, and patched the game from Steam yesterday and I can't get it to go above 640X480.

    I have found several threads both here and in other forums that suggest that you:
    • Replace the graphics drivers
    • Upgrade the computer
    • remove and re-install the graphics card

    The problem with these options is: I run many other games on the same system with no problems. I can't see re-inventing my system just for one game.

    Only once did I see an option pop up to verify that I wanted to save my graphics changes, but it was up and gone so fast, I could do nothing with it.

    Below are the basics of my system, which, is not any where near the "Bleeding edge" of system specs, but it's still well within the requirements.

    Thanks in advance!
    • Pentium 4, 3.0 GH with Hyper-threading enabled.
    • 2.0 Gig DDR RAM
    • Radeon HD 4760 GC with 1 Gig DDR3 RAM (AGP 8)
    • 22" wide screen Viewsonic Monitor @ 1680X1050
    • Win XP Home

    go to "My documents\My Games" and make sure the Unreal Tournament 3 folder isn't read only.



      I did check that and fortunatly, XP Home does not spend a whole lot of effort to directory permissions.

      What I eventually did was change the setting in the proper .ini file to the resolution I wanted. Once done, the game started and looked like I expected.