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    Gamma settings

    Hey boys and girls, to whom has nVIDIA VGAs, what are your Desktop Colour Settings and what monitors you play on?

    Since desktop gamma effects ingame as well, I am trying to find a good balance, I been wondering what you people use...

    I have a BenQ FP241VW... Let's hope someone here has one of these as well and could give some extra advice hehe

    I can tell ya, something in all modern games have problems with gamma settings. I am 100% sure because i had Nvdia and Ati cards. Either it is too bright or it is too white. I can confirm for UT2004 that adding -nogamma command in the commandline makes gamma precise. But i havent been able to found this setting for UT3.

    And what also annoys me, is that game developers dont see this problem, and actually dont explain what does exactly "-nogamma" commandline work. Like in older titles "r_ignorehwgamma" command would give you exact gamma settings, and you also get rid of annoying overbrights...