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UT3 Server issue (just a few servers listed in server browser)

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    UT3 Server issue (just a few servers listed in server browser)

    Hi there,

    I've a bit of a trouble with UT3. I got two network cards in my rig. One is the onboard lan and the other is an intel desktop 1000 gt pro. Both are gigabyte connections.

    Now to my problem:
    I'm using Win7 Ultimate 64bit RTM and my Intel card has some trouble getting properly recognized, so I switched to the onboard lan. The onboard card does it's duty but I have troubles finding servers in UT3.

    Funny enough I had a similar situation on Vista. Here my Intel card and the onboard lan were recognized correctly. The bizarre thing was that with the Intel card I had no problem with UT3 at all, but with the onboard card I could see just about 10 servers on the UT3 server browser + I couldn't connect to any of those 10. I always got a "connection failed" message.

    So now being limited to my onboard lan in Win 7, I would like to get UT3 running properly on that onboard module. I got my firewall configured correctly I guess, and already set my machines IP as the DMZ in my router and still no luck.

    Someone any idea what could be wrong?


    there is probably nothing wrong with your network-card.
    Epic doesnt care about your problem and gives no support at all, wich they should do and are responsible for.
    the ingame-server browser sucks and gets stuck every time you change tab.
    the same when you choose a custom map in the instan action.

    Epic uses Gamespy to connect wich is probably the reason you cant connect.
    I would suggest using an external serverbrowser like gametracker or x-fire and for ease of use also copy some ip's and paste them into your favorite list in UT3,
    this way you can connect directly without the gui-lag of UT3,
    there are not much servers anyway so you end up joining the same servers.

    offcourse you first need to be able to login and connect to a server wich is made possible by Gamespy and a responsibility from Epic games.

    "game experience may change during online play" is not an valid excuse Epic!!\


      Hi there,

      tha for your reply.
      I'll see how far I get with gamespy.
      Hopefully things workout better.

      I wrote Intel again to see if they now provide a driver for Windows 7.
      Fingers crossed.

      Thanks again,