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Ronin and "Rising Sun" cause runtime error

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    Ronin and "Rising Sun" cause runtime error

    Hey guys, I have another problem.

    I can play the game now, but only under very strict conditions. Basically, as soon as a Ronin character is in the game, I get a C++ Runtime error. I first thought of this when the game crashes every time I start the first level of campaign. So I took a Ronin into the character customization, and boom, another runtime error. So then I decided to start a bot match on "rising sun" with NO Ronin characters. It still gave me a runtime error.

    I've updated everything, reinstalled everything (including Windows XP), tweaked settings, and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?


    Here's the part of the log with "Critical" in it

    Critical: appError called:
    Critical: Detected d
    Yes, that is really all that is there under Critical.

    EDIT EDIT: It seems that outdoor environments are probably the true problem here, as most outdoor maps are giving me that error as well. In addition, the map "Diesel" causes the same error.

    have you treyed removing your "My Documents\Mygames\Unrealtournament3\" folder?
    if im right UT3 doesnt remove this folder when uninstalling and it happend to me once that i got an error after dowloading to much custom characters.

    maybe you ronin faction contains custom characters that causes the error, try removing some. and hold a backup of your folders.