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UT3 Titan Pack installation problem!

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    UT3 Titan Pack installation problem!


    I recently downloaded Unreal Tournament 3 off of Steam for something like 10 dollars (great deal!). After installing the Game, I downloaded the Titan Expansion pack from FilePlanet.

    When attempting to install the Titan Pack, the installer asks to select where the Unreal Tournament 3 folder is located. The installer refuses to work when selecting the correct folder (either the direct folder in my Program files, or the Unreal Tournament folder within the Steam files).

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

    Will the expansion not work with Steam and only work with an actual Hard Copy?

    Thanks for the Help!


    PS: I am using Vista(64) if that is needed..

    Are you definitely sure that Steam does not automatically download patch 2.1 and the Titan Pack as well?
    Since it's an official pack, it would be logical that Steam users get it either way.

    And if nothing works:
    Open the UT3TitanPack.exe with a tool (for example WinRAR) and extract the files to the UT3 folder.
    I think you will not miss the correct folders.



      Steam installs UT3 Black (Titan Pack + Patch 2.1)