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Keep Having to enter CD Key

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    Keep Having to enter CD Key


    This problem happened about 4 months ago and I have just been living with it but I am tired of it now.

    I have owned this game for a year now. My CD is valid and I never had an issue logging in before (except for those times where gamespy had duplicate ID errors, but are fixed now).

    One day I was backing up data from my server to my pc and I uploaded files from my server to my PC UT3 UTgame directory and not a empty folder by mistake.

    I ended up overwriting several ini's on my PC for my game with server ini's.

    I did not know the mistake until I tried to play the game and my graphic and music settings were all out of whack - meaning wrong.

    It took me ages to re-tweak my game settings to where I had them before (like visual settings, audio settings, crosshairs, HUD, etc).

    However one issue I never solved is that each time I restart my PC and then try and play the game, the game asks me for my CD key. I have to dig out the key and enter it to play. Then I get to the login screen and I have to enter my password. My user name is there but my password is not remembered for auto login.

    If I exit the game BUT keep my PC on or put it into hibernate and then when I want to play, it starts normally. But when I completely shut the computer down and restart or reboot, and I try and play, it asks me for the CD key.

    What file is it that is not working right? This is bugging the heck out of me now. I want to start the game as normal from now on without the CD key enter screen all the time.

    Can someone help please?


    deleat savedata type game key again and you username again maybe that will help