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    Can login but....

    Every time i join any Online games theres no players or just bots. Yesterday everything was okay until today

    quick match? through the server browser?
    everything was okay yesterday, and today i'm hoping you will find some live players.

    but seriously, everything is ok today also.
    hope you get it sorted out.

    it'll take a minute to filter out all those server queries, but there's someone, somewhere, always. and then there's the ping...

    read the server browser as folows:

    +6/6: six bots in a six slot server
    2+30/32: two humans and thirty bots in a thirty two slot server
    16/16: 16 humans in a sixteen slot server, and it's full and you can not play there.

    please note that all player counts are simulated, and may vary by platform.
    do you play on pc or console, by the way?


      someone needs to design a mod to filter servers that only have bots playing on them