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    lighting build

    im currently studying for FDA in Game Design, and recently bought Unreal 3, the game works a charm but the editor is a different story, evrytime i put a light into any room the editor just freezes when i rebuild please anybody can you help me, ive updated all drivers and updated direct x

    this is my system

    i7 cpu
    3gig Ram
    nvidia geforce gtx 9800 card
    and im running using xp sp3

    any help wud really be appreciated ppl

    How did you figure out it actually froze? Building lighting really is that complex and can freeze the editor for up to a few minutes per internal build step.


      building lights

      thanks for the quick reply, i basically built one box put the light in and the editor froze , i even left it for at least an hour and thats all i did so surley one light wudnt take that long to build, also had a look at the maps that came with unreal see if i cud hav a look around them and this caused my comp to shut down
      do u reckon i might need a fresh setup see if that helps ?


        Two ideas:

        1) Try to clear the UT3 Editor cache (Documents/MyGames/Unreal Tournament/UTGame/Unpublished/CookedPC/) and restart the editor.
        Try to clear the autosaves too (Documents/MyGames/Unreal Tournament/UTGame/Autosaves)

        2) How many virtual memory do you have? I had a similar problem with that. Try to set the recommended virtual memory at least, even you should set more.

        Hope you solve the problem