My UT3 still crashes every now and then and I am still searching for a solution. It is the only game that crashes on my two different PC's. Tried every trick in the book.

I have a question about two entries in launch.log.

I have a HD3850 with 512Mb ram. I found this in launch.log.
VRAMQuantity: 1024
DedicatedVRAM: 512
AdapterCount: 1

Is it a problem if VRAMQuantity is 1024? What does VRAMQuantity do?

In launch.log I find a lot of these (_Script is just an example):
Failed to find Package GuidCache_Script to FullyLoad [FullyLoadType = 3, Tag = ]

What does it mean and is this bad? If so what caused these log entries?

Knowing that a crash is eminent during an online match takes the fun out of UT3.