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    The problem I have is with multiplayer UT3. Only started lagging in the last month or so. No problems with offline play. I have a reasonable connection. Did a speed test and is about 4Mb down 350kb up. Not using wireless connection either. I try to use the lowest ping times and we're talking some as low as 30ms. I also tried pinging the servers from cmd and it showed as 27ms. The lagging is intermittent though but seems to be there most of the time now. Can't seem to have a game anymore which has ****** me off. Tried disabling firewall, updated to latest drivers. btw my specs:

    HIS 4850 512MB with Vortexx cooler, core 2 duo E8400, 500w psu, 8GB RAM

    Anyone got any ideas. Just can't figure why this problem has started.
    I mean if its heavy traffic surely not all servers would be the same.

    Did you hit F6 and look for packet loss?


      Not yet. I'll check it out.


        The game seems ok today and no packet loss. Whats the difference between the ping in the game and say running ping from the cmd because they are quite different. game=131ms, cmd=33ms for the same server.