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    version 2.1


    Today I updated to v2.1, and it all seems to work good, except one major issue.
    I can't move using the mouse.
    I can shoot and all that, but moving it, like when I want to turn around, doesn't work.
    It just doesn't move.

    Any ideas on this?

    but it works so you can get to the point of being in game right?

    I would suggest looking at your settings before you join into anything to see what is up with your mouse settings as well as make sure joystick is not enabled.

    if this doesn't help, it may be that you got a corrupted install. You can reapply 2.1 as well it wont hurt anything to do that.

    anyways this is a place to start from as well as end hopefully

    edit BTW so you know 2.0 is also usable on 2.1 servers and is also pretty solid patchwise, so if worse comes to worse try using 2.0. My server just will not run 2.1, 2.0 is no problem at all and it is specific to the machine my server is running on. I have reinstalled on it patched chronologically all the way to 2.1 as well as fresh install straight to 2.1 but with the same end results. So that being said, in a last case scenario I would try that.



      Thanks, the input settings where wrong. Fixed now.
      Thanks for your help.