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Quite a few questions about Unreal Ed

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    Quite a few questions about Unreal Ed

    Hello all, I'm the sound lead of a small gaming company looking to create a full scale MMO. Howeve,r we're starting small by doing mockups using UE3.

    The map I have is a large island. A distance away from this island there is a large battle. You can hear this battle in that one direction all over the island.
    There is an underground area where those sounds should muffle or go away.

    As a result there are several huge sound actors (nonloop) that cover the entire island. So when the player goes underground, he still hears them. Sound occlusion should be working, however I do not have an EAX compatible card.

    Sure I could get one, but the question that popped in my head is "how is this going to sound for those that DON'T have EAX cards?"

    So does anyone have any ideas on how to do this without making a gigantic sound actor? I can't just play a stereo track in the players ears, because it's directional.

    Is there a way to place a sound actor a certain way where it's right next to the player but always points to an exact direction? (NSWE)

    I also have the same problem even with the smaller sound actors, but I think those can be tweaked to fit. It's these gigantic ones that matter.

    EDIT: I'm also concerned about far off dynamic objects, like a helicopter. How do you project the sound far enough without bleeding through the whole level with no EAX?