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Could one of you do me a small favor? :)

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    Could one of you do me a small favor? :)

    So yeah, what I am seeking, isnt found on Googles pages anymore.

    I bought the german game (Live close to Germany, and its cheaper down there), and as selfish as the german are, they only put the option to play the game in german. I changed the language to INT. So I need someone to upload and send to me their INT folder from /Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/Localization. It should be there. If you dont really know how to do this, use WinRAR ( and add the folder to a .rar file, and send it to me (Upload it somewhere, then send me link).

    Thank you. ^^

    I have also a german version of the game, but I have everything in English.
    There is one point during intstallation that you can choose the language. I thought it is a setting just for the installer, not the game, but maybe, just maybe it is?