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UT3 gives problems with internet connections

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    UT3 shouldn't be using network resources unless you have the game running.

    How did you purchase UT3? Are you running it through steam? If you are, you could possibly have steam downloading updates while your playing. Also, it could do this if you leave steam running. This is only if you have steam, though.

    What kind of download/upload speed do you have?

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  • started a topic UT3 gives problems with internet connections

    UT3 gives problems with internet connections

    I more or less conclude that ut3 gives problems with my internet connection.
    so here goes;

    I installed ut3 in november last year and around that time my internet connection began to be a pain in the ***.

    Problems wit TCP, DNS, and more causing really frustrating times and my internet goes like this: 5 minutes working, then 30 minutes off and saing: DNS/TCP errors.

    If i want to surf the web (multiple browsers) the internet goes black from time to time.. but when i play ut3 it constantly works.

    Now i finally decided to uninstall ut3 from my system after numerous suggestions by my father that ut3 might be the cause of so much fuzz.
    And guess what? after months and months of really annoying speeds and internet problems it finally is normal again.

    My question; What causes this? and can i fix it? and how?
    I'd like to play ut3 again, but then not giving me troubled internet.

    (sorry for my bad grammar and Englsih)