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Why No One can jon my ONLINE SERVER

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    Why No One can jon my ONLINE SERVER

    This is post i added to my router. 6500 7777 7778 7787 13000 27900.
    When i send Invitation to my "Friend" he can join my game but not through Browse Search - in this place when he press join, game stays forever on LOGIN screen. Why this game is making problems, i can host other game with no porbs, but not this 1. Help plz

    Are you using the same CD key on both computers? You won't be able to do this. You need different CD keys for both computers.


      Originally posted by djposse-e View Post
      Hi. I have 2 PC's plugged to Router. They can host, They can play online, but They CAN NOT play together (LAN works fine).

      Both games have different serial Number.

      If i join to server "XYZ", I can't join my 2nd PC to server "XYZ", but i can to any other.

      If I host a game, my 2nd PC see the host but it can't be connect (stays always in loaging screen)

      This is only 1 game i can't play with 2 PC (me & son).
      I could play my 2nd PC in a neighbour house , but not in the same internet line.

      Is there any way to connect 2 PC's in same house to 1 server ??
      You need a different game spy accounts for each instance of UT3. One each for the two players and one for a server.