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UT3 Gamepad Problem

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    Originally posted by daaceking View Post
    you know in the config file? it has 7 values you can choose right? (i think)

    i would recommend changing it and then test in ut3, then change again, and test it ut3.

    if it still doesn't work, can you change the controller type in the control panel, controller's section?

    my gamepad doesn't work in pc mode but works in ps2 mode

    if you still can't get it to work, you can get a xbox 360 controller, which should work but i haven't tested, or you can get the firestorm dual power 4 pc controller, that's the one i have and tested. it as similar layout to ps2 controller. the rubbery material is quality but the buttons seem rather cheap. but it's good enough for me. it has two individual vibration motors for force feedback no batteries
    i dont understand the control panel part, is that in my computer or ut3 options???


      control panel as in windows xp. it may be different for vista. i just want you to go to the controller section


        oh WOW! somehow it works now...i guess changing my controller from dualshock 2 to the first dualshock made a difference. thanks for your help, splitscreen works great!!!!


          great! it always seems to be that option, no matter how unlikely it seems. it was a solution to my problem and your problem, and considering these are the only 2 gamepad problems i have come across, that's a 100% success rate.


            Originally posted by daaceking View Post
            ut3 has full compatibility with xbox 360 controller, so you just go ahead and play.
            which version #patch have you installed to get rumble working on your Xbox 360 gamepad?