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    I suspect it's second world country internet.I don't know where you from but when you say its fine in the morning and afternoon and its crappy in the evening it's probably a broadband issue..

    When broadband just arrived like.. 10 years ago in my country,i remember the same thing that the mornings were fine but the evenings and weekends were horrible.. so what happened..

    the internet provider had a limited speed and the more people used the network the slower it became for everyone.This is probably what happens with you too wich country do you live in ?


      Im in the UK but I know our area has one of the most outdated Broadband services even though I have 8mb. It's only really started happening in the past 3 months.

      Can anyone tell me how to cotact the relevant department at Epic Games?


        Originally posted by krysiz View Post
        Im in the UK but I know our area has one of the most outdated Broadband services even though I have 8mb. It's only really started happening in the past 3 months.

        Can anyone tell me how to cotact the relevant department at Epic Games?
        Krysiz, what makes you think it's got anything to do with Epic? Surely first thing to do would be contact your ISP. Even before that, have you compared your own data ( down/up stream,noise margin,output power and attenuation) to other people using the same ISP? BT are currently in the process of upgrading all the exchanges -it could be related to that work.


          We are due a network upgrade at the end of this year. It could be my ISP but when I have issues on UT3 it doesn't seem to be related to my internet speed when browsing/ tesing online. Other games work fine for me too i.e. QuakeLive. I'll also check my internet speed and it all shows fine which leads me to belive that it's UT3 based - I mean what else could it be?

          Then I'll switch to UT3 and BAM 2500 ping


            Just a process of elimination, to rule things out , what do the in game net stats show?

            After those line connection tests , conflicting lan drivers? You could try a fresh install of the game after deleting everything- configs,folders all.

            Hope you get it sorted


              Try downloading this software:


              Set it to ping to one of the servers you regularly play on and set the intervals to a low number so that its updating every few seconds. This will show you both the traceroute to the server and a much better view of what your pings are.

              See if there's a problem there first. For example, you may have 10 hops of 40ms and suddenly a hop which goes to 120ms. That server is the cause of the problem and you may be able to contact your ISP about it.

              In terms of UT3. You should make sure that you have your network settings correct. If you're set to 56k or lower, then it reduces your netspeed and can increase your lag. Try either changing your option to broadband or type 'netspeed 15000' into the console.

              Try using the F6 in game to see your ping in game and experiment with servers in different countries. It could be one big hop that causes the problem.

              Also try things like plugging directly into your modem (ie no wireless) and try turning off your firewall temporarily and play for 1 game, etc to see if these are making a difference. I have definately seen firewalls causing lag in the past.

              Good luck!

              P.s. If you are getting 2500 ping then it means there is definitely something affecting your connection which is most likely under your control. 2500 ping isn't normal unless there is a major problem.

              P.s.s. Oh, also turn of any download programs


                So regarding ping plotter. I wil try the Epic Warfare #2 Titan (32 Player) server and see how it goes.

                What settings should I input into sampling, trace delay and statistics box?

                Do i run it when I'm not playing UT3 and for how long?

                Then I'll post up the results



                  Hi all, i am one of the members of raptor owning the raptor servers.

                  And i can tell you that it is not our dedicated box that causes the issues.
                  We run our servers on a Quad-Core Xeon processor with 4gb of memory
                  and all the servers we hosting have fine pings for every single player.

                  If the server is bad then it wouldn't be so popular would it?
                  I dont think so, so maybe there is another reason for these issues that you all experience, but it definetely is NOT our dedicated server computer!

                  Can you give us some Internet speed test results? With UT3 the net code works a little different than earlier UT games.
                  UT3 uses UDP ports instead of TCP. What that means is: UDP protocol processes information as it arrives.

                  TCP processes information only in proper order of the packet number. So if the packets arrive out of order it has to wait for the missing packets.
                  Bottom line. Ping is not as important with UT3 as it use to be with earlier UT games.
                  You can't tell that when there are people with 200/400 ping or even higher in the server that it wouldn't efect the other players playing.

                  What we need is a high ping kick mutator.
                  And an anti cheat protecion mutator, but that is for another discussion isnt it?