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    Lan Connection Problem

    Hi Everyone,

    I searched for this on the forum, but the only thing I found was someone had a lan connection problem after the 2.1 patch.

    I have two computers and I want to play UT3 over my lan. I bought two copies of UT3 on steam. Both computers run Vista 64bit (one Home, one Ultimate). I use Windows firewall but I've created exceptions for UT3. When I try to connect over my LAN the connection times out and I get the "Connect Failed" message. However, I can get to online games with both computers without a problem.

    What's going on?

    Link to the above mentioned post:



    Just to be sure, both comps have patch 2.1 and the titan pack, right?

    Try turning off windows firewall on both comps, and your virus programs. Then make sure your internet config settings on both games are correct. Make sure you disable all your LAN and internet connections except for the one you're using.

    Then try this:

    Especially the part about the DOS prompt at the bottom.


      Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have the 2.1 patch and Titan pack install. Bought the game on steam. I tried everything listed and still no luck. It's rediculous that you have go through all this for a LAN game.

      Thanks Krattle for the advice.


        Had exactly the same problem yesterday at a LAN day.

        Myself and 6 others have a twice-a-year 'gaming day' where we play UT3 (amoung others). Yesterday was a complete disaster for UT3 for us! We have all upgraded to the 2.1 patch and installed the Titan Pack, but we could not start a game that everyone could connect to!

        Some guys had installed UT3 from the DVD and applied the patches manually. These guys could join any server that any of us started, and they could all join each others' servers. However, some of us installed UT3 via Steam, and we had real problems connecting to each other and the non-steam guys.

        Scenario#1 : Server started on DVD-installed UT3 = all DVD-installed players could connect and one Steam-installed player could also connect. The other 2 Steam players could not connect at all. It made no difference which DVD-installed PC the server was started on, the result was the same.

        Scenario #2 : Server started on Steam-installed UT3 = all DVD-installed players could connect, but no other Steam-installed PC could connect! Again, it didn't matter which Steam-installed PC the server was running on, only DVD-insalled PC's could connect!

        At the previous gaming day (before patch 2.1) we had no problems at all connecting to each other, and had many hours of great gaming.

        Patch 2.1 has broken something for LAN play, but it only appears to be broken for people who have installed via Steam.

        (yesterday, we all disabled our Firewalls in an attempt to get things going, and other games had no problems. We gave up after nearly an hour and played CoD5 instead).

        Someone PLEASE fix this!


          Hey FlakMagnet!

          Thanks for the info. I guess we'll just have to wait for the next patch.


            there won't be a next patch. let's just hope that if they make UT4 they make sure it works first.