I have my UT3 installed on another drive, instead of the common C:\, also my documents are redirected from c:\users\"username"\documents and settings to another disk, this because I have a couple of 10Krpm WDraptor hard drives running on raid-0 (stripe) for my os alone and I use common 7200rpm drives for programs and documents.
Now the issue: everytime I start the game, it asks me for the cd-key, I need to re-enter username and password and have all my binds deleted, even audio-video-imput preferences seem not to save everytime I exit the game.
After a bunch of tries I figured out that is because my personal settings get saved to the documents & settings folder, which may be "BLOCKED" to c:\, so when the game tries to make changes to that directory, it can't find it because it's on the other drive..so I need to re-set all my settings everytime.
Is there a way to unlock this feature, so that I can redirect the settings folder to another folder (my current one)?
You know..it bothers to reset everything everytime I want to play.
Thank you

P.s:single-player story completion seems to progress correctly instead.