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UT3 Framerate problem

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    UT3 Framerate problem

    Hey guys!

    I decided to reinstall UT3 as I kinda lost the box a while ago and am a bit confused.

    When I play Warzone maps with 24 bots (Avalanche and Dawn) in particular, my FPS is very low. Inside it usualy hovers around 50 but outside, it gets down to 21. My Specs:

    Intel E5200 @ 2.72GHz
    HD4870XXX 1GB
    4GB Kingston Hyper-X
    Windows 7 X64 RC1

    I realise that my CPU is bottlenecking my GPU and am planning a Quad Q9550 in the future but should it really be this low? My guess is, if it was due to bottlenecking, then surely Crysis would also be unplayable? But instead I run that on high @ 720p 4XAA avg 30fps.

    Any help would be appreciated

    I think the bots require a lot of cpu power, especially if the bot count is high.
    However, I cannot promise you that you will not have any problems if you upgrade your cpu.
    It was a long time ago when I played against bots, but I cannot remember that I had any big fps problems.
    (Of course I also played sometimes with 24 bots or more.)
    I have an Intel C2D E8400 3 GHZ which runs at 3,2 GHZ.



      I was thinking that but shrugged it off as I never had any problems with bots in the earlier UT games when I had a crappy celeron 1.6ghz o.O

      Thanks for the advice!