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Gradual Instability

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    Gradual Instability

    Unlike most people, I have no trouble running the game what so ever.

    I can play approximately 5-6 maps before the game starts having such a severe drop in framerate that weapon firing and impact animations, as well as turning, will drop the framerate below 10 FPS.

    There's no lead up to the problem, it's entirely stable, and then upon reaching the map that it has a problem in, there's minor frame lag accented by MAJOR lag whenever firing at someething while the reticle is over them (shooting otherwise doesn't seem to have any affect).

    Possibly related, the voice briefing sound in campaign stalls at points.

    Issue is fixed with a game restart, no issue of overheating (card never exceeds 44C), and lowering video settings has no affect on the time.

    Windows XP Pro SP3
    2.8 GHZ Pendium D Dual Core
    2 GB RAM (not sure on timing)
    Overclocked eVGA 9800 GTX+

    Only other game I've had this issue with was Prince of Persia, which I never resolved. In that, reloading a save game would temporarily fix the problem, but the game would eventually need a restart, and otherwise would be the same as UT3 (Actually becoming even worse, because process thread lag made button mashing events literally impossible, as the game would be processing real time vs button presses that are queued from super delayed processes).